About us

Know About Who We Are

It has been 11 years since we decided to let the world become a part of ourselves. In our journey of becoming modest, we became a team of travel experts with 20+ years of cumulative experience. We ourselves traveled thousands of miles to gain expertise in flights, hotels, sightseeing, and destinations. Instead of listening to stories, we explored every corner of the globe to understand what it takes to offer an authentic, personalized and hassle-free experience. We keep growing with our sacred bond with you. And, today we are known for what you have always loved us for - the flightiers experienc

Why Book With Us?

OTA's (Online Travel Agents) have dominated the market for over 10 years giving consumers headaches for years by attaching hidden fees, giving you a false sense of savings where there really is none due to the OTA agreements that are in place to make sure these companies can never compete against each other, and the use of predictive analytics to boost rates on your vacation based on how many times you search for a specific flight or click on a link.

Hassle-Free Bookings

With us bookings are super easy. Find the most reasonable flight and hotel, all at one place. Our cheap flight and hotel combo fares will boggle your mind. Explore our round trip bookings and pocket-friendly fares.

Custom-Made Itineraries

We make you an itinerary, just the way you want. Our tailor-made itineraries are curated to accommodate all your requirements, and to give you a wholesome experience.

Unbelievable Prices & Deals

We know how much you love discounts and deals! And with flightiers, discounts are a must-have. Our jaw dropping prices will make you want to turn into a globetrotter right away. If you are looking for a budget trip, flightiers is your go-to place.